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Just Nan

We have a complete line of Just Nan Designs. The ones below are her newest releases.To see her other designs just go to"Just Nan"and visit her wonderful site and than come back and just tell us what you desire.

"To Be Continued....Part 2"~$14.00 Chart and Embellishment Pack~ And the story goes on.

"Sweet Remembrance " ~$15.50 Chart and Embellishment Pack~ This one is for the stitchers.

"Great Expectations " ~$11.00 Chart and Embellishment Pack~ This is a special one for that new mother or grandmother!!

"To Be Continued..." ~ $13.00 ~ This is the first installment of a three part series called "Lady Scarlet's Journey". The story of the teeny lady bug featured in the first part is told inside the chart. Each chart will feature a new charm created just for this series, and will be included in the embellishement packs. Part I features the hand painted "Lady Scarlet" charm bead. Part II to be released April, 2000, and Part III to be released August, 2000. The finished size will be 12 1/4 x 3 1/4, so be sure that you purchase enough fabric! This would be a great item to use our automatic program for, to be sure you don't miss the whole trip!!

"Love And Roses" ~ $5 ~ The latest patterncard from Nan. It is a lovely nosegay of 3 roses embellished with beads and gold braid. These fit those lovely satin heart boxes or may be finished any other way your heart desires!! Embellishment pack included.

"Nan's Garden" ~ $13.50 ~ Starting at the top with the lovely garden gate and trellis down to the tiny hedgehogs on the bottom, this is a lovely spring sampler. Includes embellishment pack with beads and verdigris frog charm a special little "something" from Nan and complete instuctions.

"Needle Story" ~ $13.80 ~ Dedicated to a stitcher's best friend, the needle, it's words ring true to each of us. Includes charm pack with golden needle, rose charm, beads, and that special little "something" from Nan.

"Victorian Violets" ~ $6.50 ~ This companion piece to "Lady's Wreath" is done in wonderful shades of purples and greens. The pillow is done on that wonderful 18ct linen that works up so fast!

"Spring!" ~ $14.00 ~ The newest addition to the "Small Delights" series. This lovely sampler has ducklings, baby birds, frogs and other "spingy" things. There is also a second chart with a cute little hopping rabbit. Includes chart, embellishment pack with painted bunny charm and beads, and that little "something".

"All Aboard" ~ $12.00 ~ The next "Small Delight" is called "All Aboard". If features Noah's Ark, with charms for eight of the animals that made the trek with him. Includes chart and embellishment pack, and yes that "something" is in there too!!!

"Quilted Bear" ~ $8.00 ~ Done in a quilt block style with hearts, flowers, bees and butterflies, featuring a golden bear charm in the center. Includes chart and bear charm

"Annabelle" ~ $6.50 ~ The perfect "spring" addition to the "Shenanigans" line. An adorable white bunny holding a nosegay of pink flowers. Too cute!

"NEW from Nan" The most elegant bellpull hardware you've ever seen! These come in Antique Gold and Antique Pewter. There are also hand painted Antique Gold and Antique Pewter available by special order (please allow 3 weeks for these to arrive). The hand painted Antique Gold one was used on the model for "Spring!". Prices are $22 for Antique Gold or Pewter and $32 for the hand painted Antique Gold or Pewter. (Please note these are one piece. Tops only.)

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