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Lavender Wings

This is a new designer to us here at the Village, altho not new to all of you. We hope you enjoy her works as we do.

"MoM" ~$5.00~ One of the nicest things are!!!! Chart

"Poet's Heart" ~$10.00~ If twilight's moon were made of cheese,and midnight's sun of butter,just think of all the wondraus things a poet's heart might utter. Chart and Bead Pack

"Kindred Hearts" ~$8.00~ A Friend like you is hard to find,a kindred spirit in heart and mind. Chart and Bead Pack

"Dreamer's High" ~$10.00~ Summer's Whisper,Winter's Sign,Evenings Shoadow,Dreamer's High. Chart and Bead Pack

"Emily's Snow Day" ~$7.50~ A blanket of white,frozen kisses,as the first snow falls,with warm winter wishes. Chart and Bead Pack

"Alvin P. Bear" ~$5.00~ (the "P" stands for Phineas) Chart