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Shepherd's Bush

More leaflets & kits available, please inquire!

The new chart and Kits are here.

Easter Treat Bag Adorable bag is worked on 28 count buttermilk linen with DMC threads in fabulous new spingtime hues.The kit includes fabric,threads,pattern,ribbons and special Easter charm. $ 15.00

Plaid Heart This year's heart is stitched on their new 32 count ivory Italian linen, Siena.It is worked in subtle shades of rose and lavender and green.The kit includes fabric,silk threads,instructions and an agoya shell button. $24.00

A Simple Egg This is a companion piece to Three Pale Eggs.It is worked on ivory 32 count Belfast linen with lovely,muted shades of silk.The kit includes fabric,silks,instructions and beads.$24.00

Baa Baa Little Sheep Is a new leaflet featuring a whimsical little sampler. It is worked on 32 count fabric with overdyed threads.Finished off with their Dancing Lamb button. Baa Baa, little heep.Have you wool to share.Black wool,white wool.Wool that's soft and fair.Wool for my needle soft and gently plied wool to keep me stitching well into the night. Chart $5.00 Charm $6.00

The Promise ~ Kit $42.00 Kitted with Au Ver A Soie silk, 32 Count Linen,Threadgatherer handpainted silk and ribbon,beads and charms,instruction book and needle.

Dancing Lamb ~ Chart $3.00, Charm $6.00

Simple Threads ~ Chart $6.00,Simple Threads which to this work belong remember in your silence - my heart's song.

"MILLENNIUM SAMPLER" ~ $30.00 ~ This kit comes with all the works as well as silk.Deigned by Tina and as she says this one is classic - yet gentle!

"MILLENNIUM ROLL" ~ $12.00 ~ This roll is the ideal thing if you want that small project for the Millennium.Comes with all of the goodies needed.

Humble Heart ~ $28.00

Heart Blooms ~ $24.00

Three Pale Eggs ~ $24.00

The Cornwall Sampler ~ $40.00

Road To Bethlehem ~ $26.00

Peter's Patch ~ $25.00

Apple Kissed Autumn ~ $20.00

Wooly Winter ~ $20.00

Snow Patch ~ $24.00

Christisn's Snowman ~ $28.00

Christmas Drawers ~ $28.00

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