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NEW in August & September!!

DKT Originals

This Garden is Buzzin' ~ $3.30 Chart

Blocks are $5.00 for a set of three and are unpainted so you can paint any way you like.

Friendships Are Sewn ~ $5.00

My Garden Of Stitches ~ $5.00

Tie A Waste Knot & Hang On ~ $5.00

To Thine Own Heart Be True ~ $8.00 ~ Limited Edition Kit

Homespun Elegance

Stitching Things Pin Cushion & Peaceful Valley Pin Cushion ~ $4.00 each

Snow Blessed ~ $2.50

Love Dove ~ $2.50

JBW Designs

A Single Rose ~ $2.50

Our Family ~ $4.10

Sweethearts ~ $2.50

Ready, Set, Go ~ $8.50

Five Little Pumpkins ~ $3.50

Giving Thanks ~ $3.50

Evergreens ~ $4.50

Sisters And Best Friends

Hang With Care ~ $15.00
Kit includes chart, knit monkey sock & metal star button.

Sweetheart Tree

Group photo for titles listed below

Teenie Tweenie #13 "Teenie Little Love Birds" ~ $7.50
Teenie Tweenie #14 "Bridget Bunny" ~ Coming Soon!
Teenie Tweenie #15 "Bernie Bunny" ~ Coming Soon!
Teenie Tweenie #16 "Teenie Wedding Announcement" ~ $8.50
Teenie Tweenie #17 "Jack and the Silver Spider" ~ $7.50
Teenie Tweenie #19 "Teenie Merry Christmas" ~ $7.50

Friends Indeed

Wedding Sampler ~ $8.00

Cabin Sampler ~ $8.00

Millennium Santa ~ $8.00

Millennium Sampler ~ $8.00


Kits all contain chart, charm & threads!

"Stitch Charmers"

Cross-Flamingo ~ $13.00

Algerian Eye ~ $12.00

Strawberry Smyrna ~ $13.00

Queen ~ $14.00

Rural Samplings

Tapestry ~ $7.50

Liberty ~ $8.00

The Finishing Touch ~ $5.00

Always And Forever ~ $7.50

Diane Graebner

You are sure to enjoy Diane Graebner's enchanting charts. There are several main themes. Either amish, quilts, cats, geese or all of them together, these charts can be stitched on aida or linen. The models are done on aida, and if you prefer linen, you can imagine what the finished piece would be like!! $6.00 each

"Baskets for Sale" has an amish girl, ducks, cats, baskets and more in this scene set in the country.

"Washday comes trouble" has the wind blowing the loaded clothes line around, with birds flying above it and a litle boy and a duck in the scene too!

"Evening Feed" features an amish girl and her adorable sheep!

"Big Family" a large litter of kittens and their momma cat under an apple tree.

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