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It's not finished until it's finished...


 Pillows - custom or standard sizes

Wall hangings



Soft Sculpture

Christmas Stockings

 Book Covers


You dream it up and we'll make it a reality with your stitchery projects.

You put quality into you work and so do we:

We hand baste all stitchery to a lining fabric to protect it from wear from the inside.

Custom sizes are a specialty.

Designs from simple to exotic.

Cleaning and blocking available. Pillows 12" square and larger have hidden zipper openings to allow for pillow cover removal for cleaning. All stuffing is 100% polyester unless otherwise requested.

You provide the project fabric or let us do the shopping

Trims!!! We have buttons, ribbons, custom DMC cording made to enhance your project. There is no limit to our imagination!

Artist's Collections Santa's

Tips for a successful sewn finish:

Cleaning tips:

a.. Clean your stitchery after you complete all stitching. Your hand transfers body oils to your stitchery that can leave smudges and rings where your hoop was. Most cross stitch can be first brushed with baking soda applied with a stencil brush overnight to absorb oils, then washed with a mild, non-bleaching, cool water soap solution. Rinse until the water runs clean and lie flat to dry. Needlepoint can be set on a blocking grid at this time to dry. Never wring your needlework to remove excess water! We will clean your needlework if you desire.
b.. Press your needlework after cleaning from the wrong side, keeping the work square. Use a pressing cloth. We will also do this for you if you wish.

Design tips:

a.. Write down or sketch your design for the finished work. Include approximate finished size or dimensions. As little information as "a 14" square pillow" is helpful.
b.. If we are buying fabric for you, let us know the colors in the room where the item will be displayed - or let us know your color preferences for the stitchery's finishing.
c.. We can provide swatches and a design prior to producing your finished project if desired.

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