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This is a new designer to us here at the Village, and we discovered her wonderful items at Nashville Market. We hope you enjoy her works as we do. Oh we also want you to know that the pictures do the work no justice at all!

"Becky's Garden" ~$6.00~ This lovely garden scene is complete with birds, flowers, kitties and of course, Becky.

"Orchard Friends" ~$6.00~ Two little girls and kitties share a quite moment in an apple orchard.

"Country Kitchen" ~6.00~ An old fashioned kitchen, just like grandma's! Even has an old fashioned mouse trap!!... ;-)

"Country Morning" ~$6.00~ Sunrise on a peaceful farm.

"Village Inn" ~$6.00~ This design is THE PERFECT companion piece to "Country Morning". The is the evening setting on a country inn.

"Sisters" ~$7.00~ Three sweet sisters.